The Process

Stonemaster Granite follows all of the guidelines established, required and regulated by the Marble Institute of America.  Below we’ve explained each step so you’ll know what to expect from our Calgary granite company.

Home Consultation and Cost Estimation.
Our home consultation and estimate is free.  During this time we’ll figure out your needs and desires, and select a stone product that suits both.

Selection of Stone
We have a showroom where clients can look at stone samples. This helps with ideas and figuring out appearance that they’re looking for.  Our clients can also view slabs in an indoor heated warehouse, which clients can tour and choose their slabs.  Our qualified staff will stay with you the whole time, explaining different the properties of the rock and answering any questions you may have.

Top-grade sealer is applied to all of our rock, which eliminates the need to reseal yearly.

Unlike many Calgary granite suppliers, we physically measure. Our physical template circumscribes around walls, and has the rock shaped to fit your home instead of changing walls and renovating to make the granite fit.

Slab Layout
A physical slab layout will be presented upon request. The layout is done with actual templates to ensure the exact fit. This will include trying to do the job with the as few seams as possible.

In fabrication we make certain to cut your project with as few seams as possible, and follow the exact template to make certain the stone is cut to fit your house perfectly without having to adjust cabinets or walls. Larger overhangs, sink areas, and areas that may be thinner and more susceptible to breaking are fabricated with fiberglass rods inserted to enhance the strength and durability, as well as any visible area of stone is polished.

Our polishing process takes 13 different stages. Each step uses a different diamond polishing pad up to 5000 grit diamond. We do this to keep our stone products’ shine from fading with time. Our polishing process doesn’t use wax like many Calgary granite companies do, because the shine wax provides granite products will fade within a year, while our polishing process will keep your stone beautiful for life.

Tear Out
Before the new counters can go in, the old ones need to come out. We provide the tear out services ourselves, and can refer plumbers for areas involving sinks and other plumbing.

Depending on the size of the project, installation can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. When we put in your granite countertop we will also install fiberglass rods to add extra strength and stability. Other products we have and install are glass back-splashes, and tiles for the floor, bathtub, shower, etc. Your job site will be left clean and ready for the following trade to resume.

Remodeling and Home Design
Serving Calgarians for over 10 years. Combined 100 years of experience.