How many years have you been in business?
Stonemaster Granite has been in business for ten years.

Where does the granite and other rocks come from?
All over the world!

How long does it take to go from Template to Installation?
It depends on the project, but on average it takes about two to three weeks.

Is there any sort of down payment?
For new clients we require 50% up front.

Where can we see the granite?
We have a showroom at our main office, and a warehouse where you can pick out your own material.

What is Resin fill? Why do you use it?
Resin is a product that is applied to stone products, at the quarry, to strengthen them and make them more durable.

What is granite?
Granite is an igneous rock mostly made up of quartz (at least 20%) and feldspar. Igneous rocks are formed from solidified lava.

How sanitary are granite products?
After it’s sealed granite is impervious to bacteria making it one of the most sanitary choices for countertops.

Will my stone stain?
Some rocks do stain. For specifics, feel free to call or come in and ask our staff in person.

What’s the difference between 2-cm and 3-cm slabs?
2-cm granite slabs are a very good choice for renovation countertops. Especially for ones with older cupboards and a dropdown counter. The 2-cm granite also makes installing back splashes easier.

3-cm stone slabs have started to move as the more popular choice in the industry. Probably because using 3-cm granite cuts out some steps, including the need to double cut or laminate.

Will my rock scratch or chip?
Anything harder than your rock can scratch it, but most scratches can be repaired. Granite is the most forgiving for scratches.

Can scratches be fixed?
Yes, they can in most rocks. Quartz is quite hard to fix scratches in, however it can be done.

Do I still need a cutting board?
Yes! While your knives probably won’t hurt your granite countertop, the stone counter will hurt your knives.

How heat resistant is my new granite countertop?
Not infinitely, but pretty close when it comes to kitchen use. You can set down pots and pan right on the granite with no worries. However, granite can crack when exposed to very high heats including any open-face flame from a fireplace or pit that isn’t being ventilated properly to direct heat safely.

Any specific cleaning products to use or watch out for?
Just mild soap and water will do the trick. Try to not use anything abrasive, or with bleach or ammonia in it as it can shorten the life of the sealer.

Can I reseal my granite myself?
Sealing should be applied by professionals. This is because different companies use different types of sealers and not all of them mix well. Because of our high grade sealer your granite product should only have to be resealed 5 to 10 years or so.

Do I need a sub-top underneath my countertop?
That depends on the application and circumstances. For the most part, if a sub-top is required we will supply it pre-mounted to the granite. A sub-top is usually only necessary on 2-cm granite slabs.

Is any maintenance required?
No. Just a wipe-down with a rag and mild soap for your daily cleaning. We carry a line of cleaning and maintenance products that are compatible with our sealer and is relatively inexpensive.

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