Renovating your house can be a big decision. It takes time and money, but can make your home more comfortable and practical for the whole family— especially with improvements to the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Granite countertops or full stone walls, tile on the floors and walls of the kitchen and bathroom, and glass backsplashes add sophistication and beauty to a home that lasts a lifetime.

Granite also adds many practical features to your house. You can set pots and pans just off the burner, as well as casserole dishes right out of the oven, directly onto the rock. The stone is impermeable to bacteria making granite countertops one of the most sanitary workstations available. Need help completing your dream home in Calgary with granite and tile? Contact Stonemaster Granite today.


After completing a total renovation on our lovely 1950′s bungalow, I must say that the people at Stonemaster Granite were some of the best we worked with.  The quote given was accurate, the work completed in a timely manner, and the folks were very willing to be flexible within our construction schedule.  A special thank you to Ray, Andy, and Debbie, who were always available when needed, and who take great pride in delivering a top quality product. “

 -Linda Van Ham

Recently we completed a major renovation on our home in Douglasdale. We are totally impressed with the high quality of the granite counters throughout the house. I would highly recommend Stonemaster Granite Inc. as they guided us through the whole process from selection to installation. We are extremely pleased and wished we had this kind of personal care and understanding with all aspects of the reno.  Stonemaster Granite not only knows the product, they listen to the customer, and have a flair for interior design.  I would not hesitate to recommend Stonemaster Granite Inc.

-Bob and Barb Laloge

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